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From: Rae Edmiston
Date: 2001-06-04 11:29:00 UTC
Subject: Diluted vinegar and water

Uh oh....I made another boo-boo...
I keep this solution of diluted white vinegar and water (aprox
3 or 4 teaspoons per cup and half) that I spray on the floor
near my little fence/gate thing to keep the babies from trying
to escape...(well I was trying it cause they seem to not be
affected by the bitter apple spray) but they didnt seem to
mind it too much. We also spray them with plain ole' water
when they are climbing the fence so they will hop down and
play with the squirt bottle and me, instead of trying to
escape...yesterday we got the bottles mixed up and we were
just playing with Fiona with the water, and she kept licking
at the spray and I thought it was a little wierd but then I
noticed the faint smell of vinegar!!! We mixed up the
bottles...well my boyfriend ran Fiona to the sink to get the
vinegar off her head (it was soaked cause they had been
playing for a few minutes) and to try and get her to drink
alot of water....cept he accidently had the water too hot when
he first dunked her over, cause he was so nervous that he had
hurt her with the vinegar...Oy! It was a mess, and we are both
feeling soooo bad...
I guess my question is, will vinegar hurt her if she swallowed
some ( I know she did) and if so what do I do???

~I never gave anybody hell, I just told them the truth, and
they thought it was hell!~ Harry S. Truman