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From: estellejackson
Date: 2001-06-04 19:19:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] OMG! I'm supposed to be brushing their teeth?!
their teeth?!

If a ferret has a lot of plaque build up and/or infection in the gums there
is a lot of bacteria present in the mouth. When he then breathes in he is
inhaling this bacteria into his lungs. It can affect the heart/lungs over a
long period of time (same as with cats + dogs) so it is advisable if you use
a toothpaste rather than wait until there is a plaque build up. If you get
an enzyme based toothpaste ther is no need to actually brush, just wipe it
on their gums or on a paw for them to lick off. It works by breaking down
the bacteria in the mouth + prevents plaque build up. Most vets should stock
some but the trade names will probably be different depending on where you

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> NEWS TO ME! I better get on it. I've heard that
> plaque can cause problems in other parts of the
> body...what are the benefits of ferret teeth
> brushing and are there any disadvantages? Maxi
> Guard? Will my Vet have that? Am I supposed to
> rinse them after I brush them? Is it safe? Help?
> :)
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