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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-02-28 20:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Intro and dilemma

Dear Pam, "Poof242", Patty, Dr. Williams, and Mary...

I want to thank you guys VERY MUCH for replying to me. Kif is going
in tomorrow morning to see the vet. Not my vet. I just found out
up and left for Tampa. I'm happy for her, I just had no idea she was
going...I was there last on Dec. 28!
Anyway, they're going to the other vet there, who I'm told knows
ferrets as well. I've printed your responses and will be taking them
with me.
I'm going home to Penna in March. If things need done with either
and they can wait a month, I will have Dr. Weiss do the surgery
(surgeries.) If not, perhaps I can go to Gainesville. Isn't that
where Dr. Kemmerer is? I've heard good things about her. Does she
cryo surgeries? On that note, is it hard on a ferret to fly them in
small plane? It's loud, but Kif's mostly deaf. It's over five hours
to drive to Gainesville, but the flight is only just over an hour!

I've watched Kif in the litterbox several times. He seems to pee
fine. I think the litterbox thing is his training, though. His
bladder is not full at all. Nothing is out of the ordinary in his
abdomen as far as I can tell. Except the weight loss, anyway. The
other symptoms all still exist, so of course, he's seeing a vet!!
partial blockage thing really sticks in my mind as a possibility with
him for some reason.

I wouldn't be suprised if Trev's redness/hotness was insulinoma.
After all, his insulinoma surgery was in April 99, so it's been in
remission a while now. It would have to show again sooner or later,

Again...thank you all for your advice! I will write tomorrow with
results of the vet visit.



This was in reference to the below email:

> > The one with definite adrenal is doing great. The other, though,
> am more
> > concerned with. He's a four and a half year old Marshall Farm
> named
> > Kif.
> > The other adrenal ferret, Trevor, .........................