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From: Joy Galey
Date: 2001-06-04 23:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] pearly whites

I have a question, I might know the answer but just don't know it.
I have seen a couple people on here and a couple of web pages say to

"scruff them" when doing certain things with a ferret. What is it?
What are you doing to them?
Joy wrote:
In a message dated 6/3/2001 12:03:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

1. what to use? (I've got Petrodex pet toothpaste but he won't
near the stuff -anything else out there?)
2. how often?
3. how do you convince a ferret that brushing his teeth is good
him?! (any personal tricks or tips out there?)

I use the Maxi Guard oral cleansing gel I get from the vet. They
it, and it really works. I have used the cat tootpaste, didn't
really work. I
tried the Marshall ferret toothpaste, didn't work at all, and 3
of them
hated the mint. The Maxi gel is enzymatic, so it does work without
I do their teeth every morning before they go back to bed for the
day. I use
a kiddie toothbrush, put some of the gel on, scruff them, and
start brushing.
Two of them open their mouths, the other two, I start with the
outside and
finish when they eventually open their mouths. They are just used
to me doing
this and know it's done very quickly. I started when they were
kits. I use a
toothbrush to make sure it gets to the back teeth since two
already have
minor plaque from before I used the gel. The vet was very pleased
on how good
their teeth looked at the last checkup.
Amy and the boys

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