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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2001-06-01 08:33:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Help with infected ferret toe

An old remedy is to use oatmeal, cook it and let it cool
(warm) and then as it soaks to effected area and then dries up
it pulls out the stuff. Clean the foot well if you have a
salve on it such as triple anti biotic to get the grease off.
Use a tape that isn't to stickey to the fur when you remove
it. Use something like gause to encase the oatmeal around
around the foot and leave the gause exposed to the air so the
water evaporates. Sometimes it works really well other times
it gets real time consuming cause you have to repeat a bunch
of times and sometimes you just don't get the results you want
(or I was to impatient.). Some people add stuff and some
others use other stuff other than oatmeal. I only remember the
simple oatmeal method. Poltice on an internet search engine
might provide some better poltice solutions. Then apply triple
anti biotic ointment. Hope this helps as an external solution.
Why one of the vets can't get you an internal antibiotic till
you can get surgery on the toe or evaluation I don't know.

Hope this helps unless someone has a better solution on this
ferret email list.

Bruce and the gang