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Date: 2001-06-04 20:47:00 UTC
Subject: Poo's biopsy results

Diagnosis: Poorly differentiated sarcoma

Comments: The morphology of the cells suggest this tumor may be a
neurofibrosarcoma. Most of these tumors are expected to behave like
fibrosarcomas in that they are locally invasive.

Description: Microscopic exam revealed a well-demarcated, multilobular and
circumscribed mass. The mass was composed of interwoven pleomorphic spindle
cells. Spindle cells had a large oval and elongated nuclei with condensed
chromatin and prominent nucleoli. Some cells had vacuolated cytoplasm and
attempted to form ancini. Scattered mitotic figures were observed.

What's ancini? "Sarcoma" is not a good word. What would be your guestimate
as far as recurrance and metastasis?