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Date: 2001-06-05 16:24:00 UTC
Subject: Insulinoma-question for Dr.Williams or others

My little quy has insulinoma confirmed by BG and Insulin tests. He
has had surgury and couldn't find the tumor. More history on message
3929. Anyway he is on Pediapred at .25ml twice a day. Although he
has a lot more energy he still isn't anywhere near normal. What is a
normal starting dose for this medicine? Also would you recommend
another surgery, it's only been three weeks since he had this done.
Last week his BG only tested at 2.3 or around 42 if I'm reading all
the information on this site correctly. I just want to do what's
right for the little guy and if he only has a little while longer I
want him to be as happy as possible. Thank you in advance for any
advice. This site has helped so much all through this ordeal.