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From: Wendy Briggs
Date: 2001-06-05 15:43:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: insulinoma

Oh gosh....I feel so bad...I have received private e-mails about brewers I did the old archives thing..and yep..brewers yeast is a
no no....I have stopped this immediately...I first read about it through a
Ferret Central link. My apologies to all for my bad judgement.

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> >so very sorry to learn Barney has insulinoma: I pretty much follow
> >the regime >that Stephanie mentioned for my 7yr old ferret
> >female...Zoey...the only thing I >have done different in the past
> >two days is add a pinch of brewers yeast and a >pinch of garlic as
> >mentioned in the health page of Ferret Central
> Oh, gosh! Pam should remove the Brewer's Yeast comments. I'll send
> her a note. There has been a lot on that here on the FHL which you
> can find in the files. Those Brewer's Yeast are from long ago
> before the action of the Brewer's Yeast was known. It was first
> tried perhaps a dozen years ago, I'd guess, if memory serves. The
> chromium in it is good for diabetes but BAD for insulinoma as per
> recent info from vets here.
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