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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-06-06 00:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] HELP, Ferret AND Clorox

<Help me ferret just knocked over a bottle cleaner that I use in his
<cage. It is 10% clorox and water. Some spilled out and I know he
<sniffed it but I do not know if he drank any. He was sneezin a bit
<so I rinsed his nose and face with water. What else should I do? He
<seems to be acting ok now. Help Please, Thanks!!

Is it regular household bleach that you diluted? Or industrial strength
bleach? I think regular household bleach is 5-6% active ingredient of
soduim hypochlorite. OR do you mean 9 parts water to one part bleach,
thus 10% solution of bleach?
Your ferret should be fine if no signs by now, if he inhaled too much
fumes should be sneezing or coughing, trouble breathing,. If he
drank it the main problem would be any damage to esophagus and
mouth from a stronger solution of "pure" bleach. I know in children
who drink household bleach poison control says not to worry, it
is too dilute to cause a problem and "no child can drink enough to
cause harm" they all vomit it- and I have yet to see a child who
drank bleach and didn't vomit- (well kids like to prove me
wrong so I better shut up now). I am not sure if the same
applies to ferrets, but they seem a bit smarter than most kids.

ps. Search the archives with the word Bleach and there is
a lot of info, mostly about cleaning, but still interesting.
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