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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-06-06 13:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Need diet to put weight on fast

It seems fairly obvious that he's adrenal, though it doesn't seem
likely that this would account for the massive weight loss. Unless,
he has a massive tumor that is causing other problems? Though I'm
sure it has not been documented in ferrets, I wonder if
hyperthyroidism could be a concern? It's probably so unheard of in
ferrets that it's almost not worth mentioning, but thought I would
anyway. :-) I have a 18 year old hyperthyroid cat and when his
thyroid problem began he ate like crazy but lost significant weight.
I can't say I recall any hyperactivity in him. A T4 test would be
needed to confirm hyperthyroidism, but I wouldn't spend the money on
it until one of the vets here comments on the likelyhood of that
being a possibility.

Ummm, I believe that some recommend whipping (not whipped!) cream to
put on weight. I'm not that familiar with its use, so don't know if
it's a concern for a hypoglycemic ferret.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., sstout1536@a... wrote:
> Dear Dr. Williams and all knowledgeable ferret people,
> Jonesy has gone from a weight of 4.8 pounds in 1998 to 1.8 pounds
today. He
> had surgery for insulinoma back in February (he is the boy who
dehissed and
> almost died from the surgery, complications, and poor recovery).
He had a
> blood sugar drop this week, we are back to a blood sugar of 54.
Had been on
> Pediapred 0.7mg/twice a day, but now is on a total of 3 mg/day in 3
> doses. He eats and eats, but doesn't gain. I feed him his kibble
> Ultimate which is available 24 hours a day), Hills AD 3x/day and
duck soup
> 2x/day. Seems like we are always feeding him!
> His poops are loose and full of smelly gas but remain the proper
color. He
> is literally all skin and bones with very little hair left on his
body. He
> has no body fat, and is wasting his muscle now. He had an episode
of not
> being able to walk due to hind legs falling down earlier this week
(due to
> blood sugar drop I am sure-he can walk now since we increased his
> Any and all suggestions would be welcome. He seems to have alot
of "nervous"
> energy..runs around in supermotion. Never have seen him move so
fast. He
> shakes his head alot now too..his ears are clean without blockages
in them.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Sue
> PS)attached is his photo taken this week