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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-06 15:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: HELP, Ferret AND Clorox

>Is it regular household bleach that you diluted? Or industrial strength
>bleach? I think regular household bleach is 5-6% active ingredient of
>soduim hypochlorite. OR do you mean 9 parts water to one part bleach,
>thus 10% solution of bleach?
>Your ferret should be fine if no signs by now, if he inhaled too much
>fumes should be sneezing or coughing, trouble breathing,. If he
>drank it the main problem would be any damage to esophagus and
>mouth from a stronger solution of "pure" bleach. I know in children
>who drink household bleach poison control says not to worry, it
>is too dilute to cause a problem and "no child can drink enough to
>cause harm" they all vomit it- and I have yet to see a child who
>drank bleach and didn't vomit- (well kids like to prove me
>wrong so I better shut up now). I am not sure if the same
>applies to ferrets, but they seem a bit smarter than most kids.
>ps. Search the archives with the word Bleach and there is
>a lot of info, mostly about cleaning, but still interesting.

Thank you for posting that, Patty. I had not realized that household
bleach is that much safer now, but it was household bleach our one
ferret with the projectile vomiting of blood got into years back
(maybe 4 years now). Wonder if it has become more dilute since then.
She did have a pre-existing problem but that is lower than the
stomach. Even with careful care accidents can happen; that is for
sure. Makes for a really lousy day.

Learn something every day... Thanks for the opportunity!