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Date: 2001-06-06 17:12:00 UTC
Subject: Help-Enlarged lymph nodes/Lab diagnosis

I would appreciate help from any vet on this board. I have a 2-3 yr
old F shelter ferret(ADV-) whose lymph nodes became enlarged back in
March. Her spleen was grossly enlarged,lymph nodes under all 4
legs,her neck,on her spleen & under her jaw where size of a marble. X-
rays should grape clusters in chest.Aspirate was done.
3/01 Report:Smears are highly cellular & consist predom. of
sm.,mature lymphocytes w/small numbers of plasma cells,blasts &
macrophages. Inflamation & overt neoplasia not observed.Background is
densely basophilic & mildly to moderately hemodiluted w/scattered
lymphoglandular bodies & ruptured cells. DX: Reactive Hyperplasia.
Was put on 1/4 5mg Pred.SID and Baytril. No response.Ferret is
lethargic but eating, drinking,urinating & pooping normal.
A biopsy was done.
5/3 Report:No lymphocytic follicles seen.Moderate diffuse
hypertrophy of sinusodial histocytes. No neoplasia or infections
found. DX: Histiocytic hypertrophy
Increase Pred to BID.Chest nodes decreased,nodes on legs were gone
but the neck & spleen increased. Bld wk on 6/6 : Urea N 38 - AlkPhos
82 - Chloride 115 - Lactic Dehy 953 - Trigly 281 / CBC: Hemo 10.6
Crit 32.4 - WBC 5.8 - RBC 7.60 - MCV 43 - MCH 13.9 All other values N.
The lab did a peripheral blood smear : Differential findings suggest
developing Lymphocytic Leukemia. Where do we go from here? Chemo?