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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-06 17:21:00 UTC
Subject: Poisons & Household Chemicals

Please, please don't depend on this list to deal
with emergencies. After seeing the post about
knocking over the Clorox solution, I got very
concerned. A message to this List, when something
like this happens, is NOT the thing to do. First,
you should call your local vet (or after-hours
emergency vet) for assistance. In lieu (or in
addition to) of that, call Animal Poison Control.
I keep all of the following information on my

1. My local vet's number
2. After-hours emergency vet numbers
3. Poison Control
1-900-680-0000 $45
1-888-426-4435 $45 (credit card)
4. I keep these instruction on the same 3x5 card:

Hydrogen Peroxide - 2cc to induce vomiting;
may repeat in 15 minutes
Vetwrap - to put pressure on bleeding wounds;
to stabilize fractures....check for swelling
Benadryl - 1cc for allergic reactions
Kaopectate - 1/2cc up to 2 days for diarrhea
(didn't write down the frequency????)
Baby Aspirin - 1/2 for pain
Activated Charcoal - 5cc for accidental
poisoning (would this need to be tubed?)
Imodium A/D - 1.25cc every 12 hours for

It is important to know whether you want to induce
vomiting or not. Animal Poison Control can help
with that. Then, it's important to have what you
might need to treat emergencies. The above items
can pretty much get you through an emergency
situation until you can get the animal to the vet.

I got this information out of either Ferrets or
Modern Ferrets magazine over the last few months.
It forced me to update the information I had
posted, including the animal poison control

I would appreciate the vets on the list making
comments on the above.