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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-06-06 17:49:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal & hormones

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you and your buddies well. Two
of my "kids" just had adrenal removal, and or cryosurgery. My
one boy Snooper( age 4) had insulinoma surgery(for the second
time) and right adrenal cryo'd. This was 3 weeks ago.He had
his left adrenal removed at age 2.He had recovered quickly,
and is sprouting hair all over. He still seems quite itchy,
and also licks allot.. Is this due to the new hair growth? He
is still interested in my little girl Jessi's rear too. He is
not on hormones, does he need them?Jessi just had left adrenal
removed, and cryo on the right, 2 weeks ago. She recovered
well too, but is still VERY interested in grooming the boys.
She is on hormones. It is called florinef acetate 0.1 mg tabs.
She gets 1/4 tab 2 times a day. Her vulva is still slightly
swollen. Does she need more? Will they always need hormones ?
Dr Williams, your thoughts? Thank you all, Michele & The fur