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Date: 2001-06-06 21:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Insulinoma-question for Dr.Williams or others

I found that making Bob C's chicken gravy can greatly increase the
energy level (as well as glucose level) in a ferret with
insulinoma...especially post surgery. It has a very high protein
content. I've known many people who have been able to cut back to a
very minimal dose of pediapred if the ferret is eating the gravy. My
Shania was able to be completely weaned off medication and acted like
any *normal* ferret for 18 months...but she's the only one I know of
that was doing so well without meds.

If you'd like to read her story...and get the gravy recipe, please go
to White Russian's ADV Web page. You can click on Shania's picture.
I can't begin to tell you the difference the gravy made for her.
(And it's done the same for others).