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Date: 2001-06-06 22:09:00 UTC
Subject: My baby is sick

I have a 14 week old ferret, who I got a couple of weeks ago. His
coat was a bit sparse when I first saw him, but he had the most
amazing personality that I could not resist. Last week I commented
to my vet that he seemed to drink a lot. I started measuring the
amount that he drank while in the cage, but he also spends a lot of
time out and drinks from water bowels around my apartment. During
the week I measured a greater volume (100 cc's in the cage) The last
couple of days I noticed a couple of things that seemed to make him
tired very easily. Like negotiating a high door in his cage. He
would lie flat when exiting. My past ferrets had to be really sick
not to manage it. When I told my vet he said to bring him in again.
Mikey is running a low grade fever, has enlarged tonsils and spleen.
Tests were run in house on the urine. There is blood and it is
concentrated. There was also a black sediment when spun down. I did
not understand everything when they were looking at the microscope,
other then it did not look like strep. It has been cultured and the
slides sent off to be analysed. I am hoping that it is just a
bladder infection, but is this usual in such a young animal? My vet
thinks that his kidneys are okay (at least at this point) as the
urine was concentrated. His heart rate is also fast and he had some
nasal dicharge. I am really worried that there is more going on. I
am bringing him back tomorrow to see if he still has a fever. He was
put on clavamox drops. If any of the doctors have any ideas I would
appreciate input.
Thank you