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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-06-07 00:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: HELP, Ferret AND Clorox

Thank you for posting that, Patty. I had not realized that household
bleach is that much safer now, but it was household bleach our one
ferret with the projectile vomiting of blood got into years back
(maybe 4 years now). Wonder if it has become more dilute since then.
She did have a pre-existing problem but that is lower than the
stomach. Even with careful care accidents can happen; that is for
sure. Makes for a really lousy day.

Learn something every day... Thanks for the opportunity!
I think that shows how unpredictable these guys can be,
you may not have a problem before because all the ferrets
ignored the household cleaners or rubber stopper on the door, then
you get that one trouble maker.
I am sure if a ferret actually liked bleach they could definitely ingest
enough to cause problems. I think that in children they
have 20 times the weight by toddler age and probably would
have to take in a significant amount. It seems just one
sip makes one vomit, of course if the child didn't vomit and
drank more there would be problems.
It was a good idea to post those poison control numbers, at least
in humans they are great. With computers they can tell
you right away if what was gotten into is dangerous, at what
dose, what side effects to expect,etc. I would definitely
recommend people use them for any suspected poisoning
that can't wait to hear a response from the vet, or us.

Do you know how much they charge?
I am also wondering how much info they have on ferrets,
or if there would be much differences between ferrets and
other pets, once the weight was factored in.

Do not induce vomiting without checking with the vet
or poison control first, it would be worse for a caustic
chemical to burn on the way down and then again
as it is vomited, also it could be aspirated when vomited.


p.s. I do agree the first call should be the vet or the poison
control number. But the original post didn't sound like the ferret
did anything but take a sniff. I guess we should all be more
careful since we can't see the animal, and sometimes the
info. posted may be misleading.

p.p.s. Sorry, there is someone here that has an infected computer
and needs to run an updated virus scan, so don't open any
attachments unless you know they are JPEG files, or who they are
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