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From: Linda Iroff
Date: 2001-06-07 06:29:00 UTC
Subject: International Ferret Symposium 2002

*** International Ferret Symposium 2002 ***

The International Ferret Symposium Committee is pleased to announce that
the International Ferret Symposium 2002 will be held at the Imperial
Palace in Las Vegas, NV, on February 1-3, 2002. The Symposium will be
a unique opportunity to share the latest information on ferret care and
research with experts and other ferret lovers.

Confirmed speakers include:

- Randy Belair (director, Ferret Aid Society, sponsor of Ferrets 2000 the
first International Ferret Symposium)
- Jeanne Carley (legislative expert and ferret photographer)
- Bob Church (noted expert on ferret natural history)
- Troy Lynn Eckart (director, Ferret Family Services)
- Judy Gronwold (owner of ADV positive ferret and advocate for
ADV research)
- Bill Gruber (MCing/moderating) (moderator, Internet Ferret Mailing List)
- Dr. Karen Purcell (author of Essentials of Ferrets: A Guide for
- Mary Shefferman (Publisher (with Eric Shefferman), Modern Ferret
- Dr. Charlie Weiss (pioneer in medical and surgical treatments for
adrenal disease in ferrets)
- Dr. Bruce Williams (Chair, Department of Telemedicine, Armed Forces
Institute of Pathology)

One or two more speakers are pending and will be announced when confirmed.

While the final schedule is still being determined, the general
schedule is:

Friday, Feb 1 Veterinary and Health Issues
Saturday, Feb 2 General Topics
Sunday, Feb 3 Legalization Issues (half day)

There will be many formal sessions, but there will also be plenty of time
for Q&A with our speakers, and general socializing with fellow attendees.

Please note than an announcement on room rates, registration fees and
included meals will come shortly. We are currently negotiating a
contract with the hotel and will post this info as soon as it is

Other pending information includes T-shirt availability, contests and
vendor tables.

More information will be posted as it becomes available at
Please bookmark this site and check back regularly for updated information.
Occasional updates will also be posted here but the web site will have much
more information than can fit here!

We are currently looking for regional/state coordinators to help organize
attendence from their areas. See the web site for details, and contact
Kimura, shelbykimura@h..., if you are interested.

The Committee members are:

Randy Belair magick@E...
Judy Cooke whizbang@M...
Troy Lynn Eckart teckart@O...
Bill Gruber BIGCU@C...
Linda Iroff linda.iroff@O...
Shelby Kimura shelbykimura@H...

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting, fun and informative event!