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From: A. Abate/C. Kinsey
Date: 2001-06-07 07:04:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Everyone is confused!

-a six month old ferret with conflicting medical signs

In my shelter experience I would attribute much of this to the trauma of a
new home. I would try soaking a high quality ferret food, pureeing until
very smooth, add a tablespoon to 1/4 cup LACTOSE FREE (ferrets are lactose
intolerant) cow's milk human baby formula (found in the grocery baby
section), add a little nutrical, warm to comfortable temp and give by
syringe. This supplement should get her back on track. The conflicting
chemistry could easily be stress and lack of food intake. Back leg weakness
can also be due to hypoglycemia from not eating enough. Cage rest, minimal
exercise until the adjustment has passed. She may also be depressed if with
other ferrets before and now alone, or vice-versa. Ferrets have a low
tolerance for stress and need a lot of nursing care when changing homes.
From a shelter operator