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From: Amy and Jim Robbin
Date: 2001-06-07 08:04:00 UTC
Subject: Need advice on testing

Hi folks. I've posted several time about my 6 year old
ferret named Moose. I received some good advice but so far
nothing has worked. Moose has had diarrhea for months now.
He was treated for Coccidia and is on Cloramphenicol for
possible Proliferative Bowel Disease, been on it for a week
now. His poops are very green and runny still.

Tests run so far are a fecal, cbc, bg and ex-rays. Everything
has come back normal. My vet is suggesting tests that I think
may be unrelated, such as an Echocardiogram...I don't really
see how that is relevant to Diarrhea. Anyway I've spent $500
on tests and medications so far that have had no effect, so
before I start signing up for arbitrary tests I was wondering
if you folks could give some suggestions.

Moose is eating and pretty active so he doesn't seem too


PS my vet is a very reputatable ferret vet, however this is
her associate who is not as experienced.