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Date: 2001-06-07 13:31:00 UTC
Subject: Help for Eris?

I posted this to FOBFerrets a few days back so this might look
familiar to some of you:

I need some help for my little black mitt girl Eris. We are going to
the vet on Friday and I would like some suggestions on what to look

She is about three 1/2 years old (as far as I know). I have had her
for about two years now. She has always been healthy and spunky.
There has been no change in her poops. It seems she could be eating a
bit more but it's hard to tell. She has become very lethargic,
flat-ferreting when she comes out for play times or going right back
into the cage after 10-15 minutes to curl up and sleep. This is
really the only symptom I have noticed. I have had an insulinomic
ferret, and her symptoms do not seem the same - no drooling or
seizures or spaciness, though I think it may be a good idea to have
her blood sugar tested to be sure. She just seems tired.


Any advice would be appreciated so we can possibly
start out on the right track.