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Date: 2001-06-07 13:56:00 UTC
Subject: Prostate question

Yesterday I picked up an old guy (7-8) with adrenal disease. He has
had some antibiotics or something (anybody heard of Eleuxin?) but I
haven't been able to get records yet. He obviously has prostate
problems and, after searching the archives, I believe the most current
treatment is Baytril or Clavamox or Cephalosporin for infection and
Flutemide Proscar, Propecia or Lupron for the enlargement. Is this
correct? Is there anything else someone can add?

Also, on Charlie Weiss' website, I saw something on Anastrozole. My
vet wants to try this, but I am looking for someone who may know
something about this so I can share with him. How 'bout it? Anybody
out there tried some of these things? What results did you get?

renee :)