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From: Dovie Reynolds
Date: 2001-06-07 14:28:00 UTC
Subject: Hello


I just joined this list, and I already have a question. One of my ferts has
been having occasional vomiting and diarrhea (sp?). By occasional, I mean
he's done in twice in the last couple of months. I ask because he's also my
chewer and destroyed one of those little rubber things on the end of my door
stops before I noticed, but that was months ago -- and he didn't show any
problems until recently. He also had ECE in January, and I think that is
supposed to give them loose bowels for some time after. Whenever he vomits
and had diarrhea, I give him Gatorade to make sure he doesn't get
dehydrated. I'm just wondering, though -- does it sound like a blockage in
his stomach that hasn't made it to his intestines yet, or something else?
Any opinions would be appreciated.

Dovie (the human)
Ariel, Aramis & Copernicus (the ferrets)
Mischief & Furrble (ferrets remembered with love)