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Date: 2001-06-07 15:55:00 UTC
Subject: ECE 2 months in

Well I'm two months into ECE. Skippy is totally over it and Bugsy
just isn't getting the eating thing. The last three weeks he'll eat
a little bit of crunchy food but that only lasts for a few days and
he's back to not eating again. I'm still syringe feeding him with
Science Diet A/D. His stools will also go from solid back to runny.
This week is in the not eating stage and his stools are mucousy with
little reminence that he is actually digesting of what I'm feeding
him. It's been kind of warm here so I'm wondering if him being to
warm has anything to do with it. I do have the air on but sometimes
it's hard to get it around the corner to the back of the house and
the three fans in the office where the ferrets are are always on.

Anyway I guess I'm wondering if he'll eventually snap out of this.
The vet says he is just being stubborn and to give it time.

Anyone that has had to help their ferrets along longer than two
months please email me and reassure me that this is ok.

thank you,