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From: Kris McDevitt
Date: 2001-06-07 23:26:00 UTC
Subject: Help Reading Biopsy Results

I received Spike's biopsy results today as shown -
Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis. Spike is on Clavamox and
Carafate now and will be strarting pred tomorrow and receive
an Ivermectin injection again (already had 2 a month ago) on
Monday when his staples are removed. I have stopped feeding
him Marshalls Ferret Food and have been giving him Eukanuba
Kitten Chicken & Rice. I was also told to get Donagel (sp?)
at the store. A lot of other things that I don't understand
are also on these results and the "poor overall nutritional
condition" statement really scares me too.

Should I be worried about all the other findings I don't
understand? What else should I do for him? Also, my other
ferrets blood work came back exactly like Spike's but they
have never had the vomiting and bloody stool like Spike. Is
it possible they all have this? My vet thought Lymphosarcoma
was Spike's problem until the biopsies since his brother Angel
died of it a few months ago even though Angel never had
problems like Spike either.


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