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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-06-08 02:49:00 UTC
Subject: Welcome to the FHL and thank you Veterans!

It's already well into June, time flies. This is a really
busy time of year for most of us and I wanted to take a second
and welcome all the new people. We are so very glad to have
you! The FHL doesn't allow "welcome to the list" posts to save
you finding 860 posts in your box everytime someone joins.
Unfortunately this can make us seem cold from the outside,
something I worry about. Nothing can be further from the truth
as you will see the first time you have a sick ferret

I'd like to take a minute to thank all of our veteran, as well
as veterinarian, ferret people for a terrific job. Some great
answers to some terrific questions have come out on the list.
Real compassion and support still shine through, despite the
posting limitations I've placed on you, and for you. We've a
terrific bunch of people here and I'm proud to be a part of

I'm available via email if anyone has any questions or
concerns. The problem we had with some posts not getting
answered seems to have completely resolved itself so if
someone did have a post that slipped through, first post it
again adding "Second Post" to the title and making sure the
title reflects the problem or question. Secondly, email me and
let me know about it.

Again, thank you everyone for making this happen!

Christopher & Crew

Jacksonville Area Ferret Fanciers Association, Founder/
Ferret Health List, Owner

(disclaimer: Any medical opinions expressed by me should be
immediately relayed to a licensed, practicing veterinarian to
give him or her a good belly laugh.)