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From: Dovie Reynolds
Date: 2001-06-08 03:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Hello


Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm sorry about your Sweetie. I'd already
pretty much decided to have their vet do X-rays or an ultrasound or whatever
is needed to find out when I take them in to have their teeth cleaned next
week, but now I'm sure about it. Aramis is a known chewer, after all. As
much as I dislike the idea of another surgery so soon (I lost my little
Mischief after adrenal surgery last November), I hate the idea of losing
another carpet shark so soon even more, especially if it's preventable. I'm
pretty sure that he's developing an adrenal tumor also -- he's pretty
aggressive when he's not puking -- even though he's not losing any hair yet.
But thanks for the advice. I was worried that I was just being paranoid,
but it's nice to know that I'm not.

Dovie (the human)
Ariel, Aramis & Copernicus (the ferrets)
Mischief & Furrble (ferrets remembered with love)

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Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 5:49 PM

> Hi Dovie:
> I had something very similar happen to me. My female went through a couple
> days where she vomited and had runny stools. We did the amoxi and stuff
> she seemed to recover. We never found anything wrong and assumed
> was ok. About 8 months later she started to lose weight, not eating as
> and had skimpy stools. She was also showing signs of adrenal. I let it go
> for about a month, she was still active and seemed ok for the most part.
> Then things turned quickly. She got very skinny, was not eating, etc. We
> took her in, the vet did the tests and found she did in fact have adrenal,
> but there was something else wrong. She had stopped eating and pooping by
> this point. The vet asked me over and over if she could have swallowed
> something. I kept saying no, she had never chewed on anything, remotes,
> door stops, nothing. Sadly, she died. The vet opened her up to find out
> what had gone wrong. Sweetie had gotten a piece of rubber in her. Even
> though I swore she could not have, never chewed on anything. It had been
> there awhile. Had probably sat in the stomach for a few month before
> into the lower intestines where it stopped and cause infection.
> To be on the safe side I would have my ferret checked if I had it to do
> over again. X rays would have helped save me a lot of heartache and
> possibly her life. This piece of rubber had been in there for months with
> no major effect until it moved into the lower intestine.
> BK
> Wishing all the best for you and your baby.
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