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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-06-08 04:32:00 UTC
Subject: Managing Ferret Toxicoses and other informative links

Following Bretts link to the ASPCA Poison Control site and
digging around in there I found some great articles. Am trying
to get permission to put Managing Ferret Toxicoses by Dr
Richardson in our file library. Anyone have a contact at
Exotic DVM? Thanks Brett, I learned alot tonight I hope I
never need to know. Great link!

August/September, 2000 - Volume 2.4
Managing Ferret Toxicoses by Jill A. Richardson, DVM, and
Rachel Balabuszko, CVT
Copyright © Exotic DVM, 2001. All rights reserved.

March 2001 - Volume 22, Number 3
Death by Chocolate? Methylxanthine Toxicosis, by Dana Farbman,
Copyright © Veterinary Technician, 2001. All rights reserved.

February 2001 - Volume 96, Number 2
Chocolate intoxication, by Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, DVM, PhD
Copyright © Veterinary Medicine, 2001. All rights reserved.

January - March, 2001 - Volume 11, Number 1
Ibuprofen Ingestion in Ferrets: 43 Cases, by Jill A.
Richardson, DVM; Rachel Balabuszko, CVT
Copyright © The Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical
Care, 2001. All rights reserved

Christopher &; Crew
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