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From: Chris Lloyd
Date: 2001-03-01 02:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] ADV Testing

Hi All, I know things will be different if you are a
shelter or breeder with ferrets coming and going but in the
last 10 years individual members of the WFC have found that
testing once a year for Aleutian D is quite enough as long as
you are careful about your ferrets not being in contact with
untested ferrets or in the UK feral mink / ferrets.
Now 3 instances that caught out our members and shows
just how virulent ADV can be. in 1998 one young club member
took in a rescue hob without testing and at the yearly test 10
out of 13 ferrets were positive. In 1999 our club chairman had
a ferret escape for 36 hours and he has feral mink in his
area. At the Jan 2000 testing all 6 of his ferrets tested
positive. We were at a show in early Jan with just his ferrets
and before we knew they were positive, another club member
attended the show with some ferret play equipment. In Jan this
year 3 of his ferrets tested positive and were removed. I have
just seen the results of the Feb test, ANOTHER 3 of his ferret
are now positive. Testing once a year works if you are careful
BUT if there has been any chance of your ferrets being in
contact with an untested ferret get them treated again.
I know people keep positive and negative ferret in
together and say they don't readily pass the virus BUT when a
ferret starts to shed it is contagious as hell and ferrets
start to die very quickly. Please be careful. Chris.

Chris Lloyd ICQ no. 44575318
Wessex Ferret Club
The Pack