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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-06-08 05:26:00 UTC
Subject: Bleach revisited

In my brief correspondence with Dr Richardson she made the
following comment about household bleach exposure and I
thought it might be of interest.

And about bleach, most household bleaches are not going to be
corrosive, but commercial formulations could be. If a ferret
would lick up a little diluted household bleach, you could see
some gastric upset, because it would be a gastrointestinal
irritant. You could have respiratory problems if the ferret
inhaled the fumes for a long period of time too. For
instance, if a ferret knocks over a bottle of bleach in a
small poorly ventilated room.

Sorry for all of the long posts this morning. I saw no way to
consolidate them. Looks like the next issue of the FHL digest
is going to be rather long.

Christopher & Crew
Jacksonville Area Ferret Fanciers Association, Founder/
Ferret Health List, Owner

(disclaimer: Any medical opinions expressed by me should be
immediately relayed to a licensed, practicing veterinarian to
give him or her a good belly laugh.)