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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-06-08 05:42:00 UTC
Subject: Is your mailbox getting too full? Switch to digest

Since I contributed to the traffic, my last post of the
morning I wanted to remind those who do know and inform those
who don't because 98% of those responding to an inquiry on why
they left the list blame the sheer volume and well over half
of those come back when I explain the digest version.

If you get an individual piece of email every time someone
posts to the FHL, that can be allot to sort through. You have
the option of setting yourself to digest. You won't miss a
single post! Everything but the pictures comes in the digest
version. Each digest contains 25 or fewer posts and it comes
out one to three times a day depending on traffic. That's
three pieces of mail on a heavy day instead of 75.
If there is a picture in a post you want to see, you can
always visit us in your browser.

To switch to digest or change your settings simply send a
blank email to

or follow this link to change your settings and then save the

both approaches net the same result. You will get one or two
more individual pieces of mail, then they will stop and your
next issue will be in digest form. If you need help, drop me
an email.

Christopher & Crew
Jacksonville Area Ferret Fanciers Association, Founder/
Ferret Health List, Owner

(disclaimer: Any medical opinions expressed by me should be
immediately relayed to a licensed, practicing veterinarian to
give him or her a good belly laugh.)