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From: The Clarks
Date: 2001-06-08 14:41:00 UTC
Subject: Help please with "Revolution.

Re: <(disclaimer: Any medical opinions expressed by me
should be immediately relayed to a licensed, practicing
veterinarian to give him or her a good belly laugh.)

This is a cute one Christopher!! Thanks for the "laugh!"

Hi everybody!
I am so used to using "Advantage" on my kids but this time I
need something to kill possible chigger mites. My gang gets
to go outside and I refuse to use chemicals in my yard. Now,
why don't I ever see those nice red "polka dots" on my kids
like I get when I go out there myself? They just seem to itch
a lot and I know that they don't have fleas.

So, "Revolution" seems to be the thing to use. I went and
bought the 5-15 pound cat size and was told to apply a whole
tube to each ferret. A whole tube? Gee, those are huge
tubes!! I'm too afraid to do that without asking here again.
Specially after that negative post about Revolution a while
The directions on the package says:
Up to 5 lbs.----administer 0.25 ml
5-15---- .75ml

All of my Ballerina's here are under 2 pounds and even the
Mucho Boys are under 5 pounds. I'm just too chicken to dump
the whole tube on them. Could some body please advice me on
this? My pride is going down the drain here, guess I
finally have to admit that I'm a little dense. ;~)

A....nd another question!

Has any body else had this happen when you apply "Advantage"
to your guys?
Half of the population here breaks out in a red rash at the
application site right after it is applied. I always end up
washing it back off. Gives meaning to the word, "pouring
money down the drain."
Would it hurt to apply some lotion first and then the stuff?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(The One whose Motor Runs On Ferret Kisses.)