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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-08 17:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Hello

>but there was something else wrong. She had stopped eating and pooping by
>this point. The vet asked me over and over if she could have swallowed
>something. I kept saying no, she had never chewed on anything, remotes,
>door stops, nothing. Sadly, she died. The vet opened her up to find out
>what had gone wrong. Sweetie had gotten a piece of rubber in her. Even
>though I swore she could not have, never chewed on anything. It had been in
>there awhile. Had probably sat in the stomach for a few month before moving
>into the lower intestines where it stopped and cause infection.
>To be on the safe side I would have my ferret checked if I had it to do
>over again. X rays would have helped save me a lot of heartache and
>possibly her life.

Do remember that MOST causes of blockages do not show up on x-rays.
If the signs look strongly like a blockage then going in is often the
only way to find it, and sadly, as you found, not correcting it can
be fatal. They get in a wide range of things that can cause
blockages without our knowing and even everyday things that we take
for granted such as fur and fabric have been known to cause blockages.

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