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From: Naked Jaime
Date: 2001-06-08 17:58:00 UTC
Subject: Revolution possibly causing/promoting adrenal tumors??

hi, I'm new the this list, this is my first post...
I'm desperatly in search of answers... Last august all
8 of my ferrets were treated with Revolution. At the
time all 8 were very healthy. Just over two months
later I lost my oldest one very suddenly to the onset
of many different cancers including insulinoma. I at
first didnt suspect anything out of the ordinary
because Jakey was about 8 years old. But right after
the first treatment of the Revolution, my next oldest,
Bailey, 3 years old then, started to lose his hair in
the middle of the underside of his tail... i
immediatly pointed it out to the vet at the next
treatment and he said it was too early to tell
anything... that hairloss has progressed, it appeared
to get better, growing back in on his tail but then
his butt got very bald and his tail is losing hair
again...his whole back end is almost completely bald
now... Still i didnt think anything but just bad luck
until my oldest female, Macy, now 4 years old, also
started showing signs of adrenal. Her vulva is very
very swollen, and now my 3 olds, Emily, vulva is
starting to swell. Something is going on and i cant
figure it out...a friend of mine has heard a few
horror stories about Revolution and dogs... I'm not
sure what to do, my financial situation is very
grim... please has anyone else heard anything or does
anyone know what else could cause 4 of my 8 ferrets
(so far) to get sick all at the same time??
Please help!!
Jaime~~Bailey, Macy, Emily, Cody, Zachary, Mari and Anastasia

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