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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-06-08 18:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Revolution possibly causing/promoting


You wrote:
> hi, I'm new the this list, this is my first post...
> I'm desperatly in search of answers... Last august all
> 8 of my ferrets were treated with Revolution. At the
> time all 8 were very healthy. Just over two months
> later I lost my oldest one very suddenly to the onset
> of many different cancers including insulinoma. I at
> first didnt suspect anything out of the ordinary
> because Jakey was about 8 years old. But right after
> the first treatment of the Revolution, my next oldest,
> Bailey, 3 years old then, started to lose his hair in
> the middle of the underside of his tail... i
> immediatly pointed it out to the vet at the next
> treatment and he said it was too early to tell
> anything... that hairloss has progressed, it appeared
> to get better, growing back in on his tail but then
> his butt got very bald and his tail is losing hair
> again...his whole back end is almost completely bald
> now... Still i didnt think anything but just bad luck
> until my oldest female, Macy, now 4 years old, also
> started showing signs of adrenal. Her vulva is very
> very swollen, and now my 3 olds, Emily, vulva is
> starting to swell. Something is going on and i cant
> figure it out...a friend of mine has heard a few
> horror stories about Revolution and dogs... I'm not
> sure what to do, my financial situation is very
> grim... please has anyone else heard anything or does
> anyone know what else could cause 4 of my 8 ferrets
> (so far) to get sick all at the same time??

From what I've seen, the use of Revolution was just a coincidence.
You have an aging business, therefore you are going to see cancers
start once each ferret reaches 3 years of age. Believe me, it
happens like this all the time, I'm sorry to say.

-Dr. Karen

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