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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-06-08 18:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Revolution and chiggers


You wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I am so used to using "Advantage" on my kids but this time I need something=
> to kill possible chigger mites. My gang gets to go outside and I refuse t=
> o use chemicals in my yard. Now, why don't I ever see those nice red "polk=
> a dots" on my kids like I get when I go out there myself? They just seem to=
> itch a lot and I know that they don't have fleas.
> So, "Revolution" seems to be the thing to use. I went and bought the 5-15 p=
> ound cat size and was told to apply a whole tube to each ferret. A whole t=
> ube? Gee, those are huge tubes!! I'm too afraid to do that without aski=
> ng here again. Specially after that negative post about Revolution a while =
> back.
> .
> The directions on the package says:
> Up to 5 lbs.----administer 0.25 ml
> 5-15---- .75ml
> All of my Ballerina's here are under 2 pounds and even the Mucho Boys are u=
> nder 5 pounds. I'm just too chicken to dump the whole tube on them. Could s=
> ome body please advice me on this? My pride is going down the drain here, =
> guess I finally have to admit that I'm a little dense. ;~)

The one time I've used Revolution in ferrets, I used 0.1cc/lb -
worked for ear mites.
> A....nd another question!
> Has any body else had this happen when you apply "Advantage" to your guys?=
> Half of the population here breaks out in a red rash at the application si=
> te right after it is applied. I always end up washing it back off. Gives m=
> eaning to the word, "pouring money down the drain."
> Would it hurt to apply some lotion first and then the stuff?

Any patient I have that has a skin reaction stops receiving that
form of flea/tick control. Too much chance of increasing severity
with continued use.
Hope this helps,
-Dr. Karen

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