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From: Tara
Date: 2001-06-09 14:57:00 UTC
Subject: Bruisers facial nerve damage

Second request....Please help us.Bruiser recently had a walnut sizes tumor removed fromhis cheek/head (cyro) As we were aware,nerve damage has occured.Hisleft eye has been left permantly open.Our Vet has suggested salve eyemed every 4 hours for the rest of his life.While I promised myself Iwould do ANYTHING if he would just live...I feel this ispainful.Short of removing the eye (tho that option is not ruledout,yet) what else can be done? I was told the eye will die....Isthis true?? Collidial silver was suggested but not well received bymy Vet except for his incision....Tho Dr Williams has been advisingon this,(and has just been mailed the tumor) he must be away so ANYDr,please respond??Love & Thanks,Tara & Bruiser