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From: Stephanie
Date: 2001-06-09 21:37:00 UTC
Subject: Icabod's final results and help needed

Hi All,

Well today Icabod got his staples out and unfortunately his blood glucose
was the same as before surgery - 62. So he is starting on Pred and got a
Lupron injection today for the adrenal. The help I need is first, how long
does the lupron take to help with his adrenal symptoms. He has started
crying while urinating again since he has stopped the antibiotics and from
what I read this is common with adrenal. Second, how often do ferrets pee?
Since I have one communal litter box for him and two other ferts I can't be
sure that the pee in there is his. I took him out and have kept an eagle eye
on him and haven't "caught" him peeing, so I'm worried that he may be
stopped up.

Also, his bonded pair mate, Emeline, was checked over today and it looks
like she may have lymphosarcoma. We sent for blood tests and should have
results on Monday which may or may not help us figure out if she might have
it. The vet was saying that her spleen and lymph nodes were large and that
her spleen felt bumpy and nodular. Her blood glucose was 68 and I have no
clue if that means more insulinoma or if that is a side affect of

And on a last note, we sent Maggie's blood for the Tennessee panel as she is
bald on her butt and has course hair, but she shows no other signs of
adrenal. She has had the gradual hair loss since last year and we have tried
several things to rule out adrenal with no success. She is seven and in good
health, but my vet would rather not do surgery because he feels she is too
old, but that it is up to us. Any comments.

Finally, I would like to know, what happens to ferrets who's parents don't
know about adrenal disease? I mean do the tumors kill the ferret or does it
just cause symptoms that cause death or do ferrets not die of adrenal
disease, but other things brought on by or along with adrenal?

Thanks for all your help and info.

Dooks to all the fuzzies,
with Maggie, Bullwinkle, Shasta, Emeline and Icabod