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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-03-01 08:13:00 UTC
Subject: Kif's vet visit

I took Kif to the new vet this morning.
He told me:
1) Ferrets with adrenal disease don't grow hair back unless they have
surgery. So, Kif probably didn't have adrenal. (I disagree.)
2) Trevor wasn't definately not turning red from insulinoma. Ferrets
with insulinoma crash. They don't turn red. The red was a symptom of
an allergen. (again, I disagree.)
3) Kif had a bacterial infection and needs Clavamox--.5 mL twice
daily. (???)

He did some blood tests. I don't understand the results, but here
they are:

NE 9.8 82.7 H
LY 1.8 15.4 L
MO High High
EO 0.2 1.9 L

WBC 11.9 P1 K/uL
RBC 11.41 H M/uL
Hb 20.8 * g/dL
HCT 45.9 H %
MCV 40.2 fL
MCH 18.2 H pg
MCHC 45.3 H g/dL
RDW 19.1 %
PLT 274. L K/uL

Handwritten below these values says:

spn pcv 60
T.P. 8

The other test said this:
10 MG/DL
.7 MG/DL
L11-results invalid

The vet said his white cell count wasn't really high, but that the
ratio was, so he needed to go on antibiotics.
He also said his spleen was slightly enlarged. (I know that can be
common.) And...that there was no sign of urinary blockages. (He's
also peed several times, no problems. I think it's a behavioral
The receipt says they did a Total Protein, PCV1, Creatinine, BUN, ALT,
and a Complete Blood Count. Do the results above include all those

Anyway, any thoughts on this would be great. As nice as he was, he
did not seem at all ferret-knowledgeable.