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From: Shortley, Lisa
Date: 2001-03-01 08:20:00 UTC
Subject: ringworm in ferrets

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> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 12:54:29 -0500
> From: "Simkins, Erin K"
> Subject: Ringworm & Ferrets
> Hi Pat! I saw your post about ringworm and Dr. Williams'
> response to it. I also wanted to chip in my two cents... 2
of my 7 ferrets are currently
> battling ringworm (microsporum canis, did I spell that
> correctly?). VERY bad cases of it.
Hi guys!
I just read through this and saw that Erin posted about her
experience with ringworm (microsporum canis). I'm the friend
with 9 ferrets who have it. I have a crew of ten healthy
ferrets. One of my ferrets is on pedia-pred and Imuran for
IBD problems but other than that, none of my guys are on any
In mid Jan I noticed a dark spot on the back of one of
my little DEW girls - by her tail area. When I lifted back
her fur, I found a huge area where she'd lost her fur and it
was all red and swollen. She shares a cage with 6 other
ferrets. I examined each ferret in her cage and found that 5
of the 7 had the same sort of infection on them.
The following morning I packed my guys up into the car
we went to the vet's. They each had a culture done (hair was
plucked from the sites and tested) - the results were
"numerous microsporum canis".
We've been through three different treatments. First
we tried Miconozole 1% - a topical treatment to be applied to
the sites twice daily along with weekly antifungal baths.
After two weeks of treatment, some lesions improved,
some didn't and even worse, some spread. Despite my frequent
vacuuming, hand washing, etc...the three in the other cage
caught the ringworm. By three weeks of treatment, nine of my
ten ferrets had it. One ferret (Buddy) never has gotten it -
and even still continues to not have it.
I treated with Miconozole (Conofite) for 4 weeks in
total - it didn't work. My vet then prescribed Ketokonozole
(sp) to be given orally once daily (.15cc). After two weeks
of treatment with the keto, it hadn't spread anymore - but
their present lesions were not getting better - they actually
looked worse.
THEN, I began hearing some talk about using the kitten
dosage of Program for the treatment of ringworm. I talked it
over with my vet - faxed her the article summary that Erin
mentioned, and decided to give it a try.
I treated everyone with the Progam kitten dosage - but
unlike Erin, I purchased the suspension. The suspension came
in 135 mg dosages to be given orally with a meal. I gave it
to all ten of my crew on Monday, 2/19.
My guys have not suffered any side effects thus far -
not even a loose poop. But I noticed that 4 days into
treatment, 4 of my guys started to shed. This could be a
cooincidence - but I felt that because four began shedding on
the same day, it was worth noting.
In this past week, no ringworm has spread, three of my
ferrets no longer have lesions, and the other 6 are improving.
It is a miracle!
But I do have to say that this whole ringworm ordeal
has been VERY DIFFICULT to get rid of. I wouldn't wish this
on anyone. I still don't know how it got into my house - but
my vet said that these fungi are everywhere - even in our
carpets at home - they can lay dormant for years and all it
takes it the right time and temps and boom - you can have an
epidemic on your hands too!
I just figured I'd post my experience with ringworm as
well - just in case anyone out there has it and is trying to
fight it. Feel free to contact me via this list or privately
if you have any questions, comments, or advice!
Lisa Shortley