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From: mandy meadows
Date: 2001-06-10 18:05:00 UTC
Subject: ECE and ADV

i have been reading alot about these two illnesses in the last few posts,
and i am just wondering if they are only found in the USA or north america.
i live in New Zealand, and admittedly, alot of what is spoken about i have
never heard of, and have definilty not heard of any ferrets that i know
getting any of these illnesses. is there a reason for this?
ferrets are not a hugely popular pet here, and i only know of two breeders
in the North Island, (i'm sure they might be more). is there anyone out
there that is also from NZ? there are two fuzzie ferrets in our family,
both of which are healthy, but after reading all of the many illnesses they
can get, i can get a little paranoid and would like to get in touch with a
good vet in my region that is ferret friendly.
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