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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-10 20:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Bob C: A MAD Look At Genetically Altered Foods

One aspect that is too underplayed in the many transgenic food
discussions anywhere is that there are individuals (both two and four
footed) in many homes who have excellent reasons for avoiding certain
foods. Heck, Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis has been a topic on the
FHL and that is only one of the things that might require many
ferrets to have restricted diets, and as anyone who has a severely
allergic ferret for one vaccine knows it is also important to avoid
SPECIFIC allergens. Sure, the FIRST time any allergen is a surprise,
but after that there is no surprise at all. Those who can't have,
avoid -- plain and simple. The point is that if genetically modified
foods make it onto the market they should be said to be such in the
label with the genetic source given, or they should list the genetic
source as an ingredient. There was a belief early on that reactions
would not be likely to occur, but since then there has been
documentation of at least one life-threatening allergic reaction to a
food due to the added genetic material, Allergies and food
sensitivities need to be respected, as do the individuals with them
-- furred, haired, feathered or scaled. There is no GOOD reason to
risk health or life due to a lack of a complete enough ingredients
list. Talk about a downright stupid reason to die...