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From: Rob Resnick
Date: 2001-06-10 21:57:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bob C: A MAD Look At Genetically Altered Foods


I've been following the post on Genetically Altered Foods for the
past couple of days, I recently graduate college with a BS in Animal
Science and Biomedical Technologies, so I feel some what compled to
write in, about this subject. Also the article in the the New York
Times today also stirred my toughts. I will say up front the I
believe fully in GMO's and think they are great for several reason.

I would like to point out there is alot of mis-information to
begin with. The study done to the Butterflies was a very poor study
(in my opinion) because of the level of pesticide they fed to them
was very high. It was like and don't quote me on these like 50 or 60
times the level, the butterflies could be exposed to in the "wild"

Along the same lines of mis-information. The New York Times
article talk of cross-polination of GMO crops with non-GMO crops
(corn specifically). This could happen, however corn pollen can only
travel in winds two to three corn rows....Therefore distance is key.

My real point is be carefull of the media, look how they turned
the election in to a three ring cirus. That stuff was simple count
of votes 1,2,3,4... So, therefore, you expect the media understand DNA
technology that most sciencists don't fully understand. Therefore, I
recomend and practice doing my own research in peer reviewed jounrals.


PS- Most of this stuff is digested your stomach or by the animals it
is fed to. :)