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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-11 12:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ECE and ADV

>i have been reading alot about these two illnesses in the last few posts,
>and i am just wondering if they are only found in the USA or north america.
>i live in New Zealand, and admittedly, alot of what is spoken about i have
>never heard of, and have definilty not heard of any ferrets that i know
>getting any of these illnesses.

Mandy, I have not heard of ECE (Epizooic Catarrhal Enteritis) in
N.Z., though I read last year (year before?) of it being suspected
somewhere in Europe, but then never read more so perhaps the fear
didn't pan out.

ADV apparently is present in N.Z. (and well known in some parts of
Europe). There was a problem encountered by some breeders and
households due to this. They were getting imported ferrets from N.Z.
to try to avoid Aleutian Disease virus, and the N.Z. authorities kept
putting on certificates that ADV wasn't present in N.Z. then one
breeder found herself having to get in touch with people due to
positive test results.

I can't recall reading about these in other areas, and that is the
limit of my little knowledge of the spread of these diseases. Others
will know more or be able to correct me if the bit i have read and
recall wasn't right once more was known or isn't complete enough.