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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-06-11 18:05:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Illness Help! Fluid buildup in the lungs.

<Yes, it is okay to give clavamox in food. I recommend mixing
<medications in a small amount of food to be fed first, to be sure the
<entire dose is eaten. Then give the rest of the meal.

Thank you Dr. Karen for the Clavamox response. I've been mixing the med in
food a few days now and it's been great!!!!!!!!! No more fighting and
upsetting Zeus with the medicine.

The message below is from a fellow club member that also posted on the FML.
King had his spleen removed today and seems to be doing better. If you
respond to the list, I'll forward the message to the requester. Thank you!

Susan D. in KY
My male two year old ferret King within a few days got pulmnary edema &
congestion and pleuritis (layman terms - he was drowning, his lungs were
filled with fluid and around his lungs was filled with fluid). The vet
treated him and he was on his way to recovery and week and half later his
lungs started filling up again. The blood test came up with nothing.
Hematocrit 48%, Nqe??typhils 4,600 59%, Lymphocytes 27%, Monocytes 4%,
Aleutions Negative, Some ban cells present resolving normal morph.,
Hypoersleniam. He showed no signs of illness before this. After clearing
up the lungs, the new x-ray shows an enlarged spleen. He is losing weight
and not eating like he should. Staying dehydrated even after hydration.
The two ferrets he's housed with are fine, everyone in the household is
fine. Looking for an answer to what might be causing the fluid to build up
or if someone else has had the same problem. Please e-mail if you have any
ideas. mailto:ferret@d...

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