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Date: 2001-06-12 04:38:00 UTC
Subject: Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow our sweet baby goes in to have her cyst surgically removed.
It's amazing this new cyst is much bigger then her original cyst.
Less then a month ago the cyst was aspirated and now is almost twice
the size. When she plays with the ferrets and gets bite where the cyst
is, she lets out a loud noise telling us this hurts. So can say her
cyst does hurt her when she plays and gets bite by the other ferrets.
Please say a pray for Sabrina. I always worry when a ferret has to
be put to sleep for surgery and am having bad vibes about the whole
situation. Guess ferrets aren't like dogs and cats where the vet can
numb only the area where the surgery is to take place. Will keep all