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Date: 2001-02-19 22:25:00 UTC
Subject: invited and Hairball

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., wolfysluv@a... wrote:
> I never heard of such a severe reaction! wow. Bruce Gaylord in NC
> looking into other means of hairball dissoving. He is looking into
> dietary means of this.... shoot well we need him hear don't we?
I"ll go
> invite him, cuase his ideas here are interesting.

First off I'm glad to get invited to the list :) dooks to all!!!

I don't believe that "fresh" pinapple juice containing high levels
of papain a digestive enzyme will work on a hairball. HOWEVER, I know
of too many examples of people and things that have been told "it
can't be done." If pinapple juice does work it might be cause it
loosens(sp) whatever is bonding the hair together ... this is just an
idea. I doubt that the prime component of hair, keratin, which is
really tuff stuff is getting disolved unless with time and possibly
friction the inside of the hairball is breaking down and would be
enhanced to breakup/flatten the hairball allowing passage.
I would like to get a hairball to try and soak it in a "fresh" not
canned pinapple juice to see if there is any effects.
If anyone has a hairball please send it to me. Thanks.
The reason for the myth of pinapple juice is that it has been
supposedly used on rabbits.
I have a female rescue ferret that I think might have a hairball,
the signs come and go so I don't know if it is in her stomach or just
gag reflexes to passing hair from grooming herself and other ferrets
as at times she does that.

Bruce and Pauline and the 6 and others