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From: Dianna Saenz
Date: 2001-06-12 14:31:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Vets please help -- Need opinions
-- is this ferret adrenal?

I have a rescue I just took in and I don't know how old she is or anything.
I believe she is a sable, she has some yellowing on the under fur, maybe a
blaze. She is pretty thin, I noticed she has diarrhea, her vulva is VERY
swollen. No other signs. But pretty definitive of adrenal. I am very
much intrigued with the melotonin. Very easy to get and would like to know
more about how it works. I read the recent post from Dr. Murry and I will
try it, but would like to know more physiologically. What else should I do
for this girl. There is NO hair thinning at all, no loss. Only the swollen
vulva. I cannot afford to do surgery as I am getting married in October and
just spent $500 on my other little guy that just passed away and this is a
rescue, nothing mean but I just don't know anything about her at this time.
I am very much going to investigate surgery after the wedding when money is
more available but for now would like to at least try to help her. Thanks
in advance.

Dianna & The Animal House