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Date: 2001-06-12 19:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Bob C: Heavy Metal (Collodial
Silver, NOT Metallica)

hi Bob and all :)

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<< How can silver determine which

bacteria are good and which are bad? >>

gee... can't we say the same about broad spectrum antibiotics?

please check out:

this includes the history of using Collidal Solver as well as information
from the FDA, including things to be aware of. this seems to be the best
site for information.

i found your "strangling" web site....

NASA uses a silver based water purifier.. humm.....

here is another one with information:
"Colloidal Silver basically disables the enzymes that supply oxygen to the
pathogen. Without oxygen, the pathogen dies. Dr. Carl Moyer, department of
Surgery chairman at Washington University and Dr. Harry Margraf found that
Colloidal Silver is most effective in preventing infection. Colloidal Silver
has a great reputation. The FDA approves it for marketing and considers it to
be a pre-} 938 drug, so it can be submitted without evidence of it's safety
and effectiveness.

September 13, 1991 letter received from consumer safety officer, Harold
Davis, U.S. Food and drug administration. The environmental Protection
Agency's Poison Control Center reports that there is no toxicity in Colloidal
Silver and considered it harmless in any concentration. Advantage Products
Colloidal Silver is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities. They are
licensed for drug manufacturing and have a national drug code number. "

best of luck everyone :)

kathy. and Bianca