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Date: 2001-06-13 07:22:00 UTC
Subject: Teddy Bear is gone

I sent a post yesteday about Teddy Bear's surgery. I don't see it
listed yet. Maybe it is lost, I don't know. But Teddy Bear ahd his
surgery yesterday for his adrenal/prostate problem. In a nutshell,
surgery went fine but Teddy Bear didn't. I lost him shortly after
3:30 this morning. I'm just glad he was home in familiar
surroundings when he crossed. I'm talking to my vet this morning
about an autopsy. And this is as much as I can write at this time.
I really believe I'm calling it quits on surgeries. I don't like the
trauma they go through only to loose the battle. These poor little
fur kids seem to be paying a big price for something somewhere.
Give your kids extra love their time with us is short.